Winter Remix - Day 7

Can you tell I'm ready for spring? I knew I wanted to add color to this season's remix but I'm still getting used to it.

I consider myself a pretty busy lady - full time job, side business, social life, gym membership - so this 30 day remix is actually helping me save some time each day. It's like picking a frozen entree to take to work for lunch instead of cooking something. All the prep work is done and there's no wasted energy on the ingredients and cooking time... the ingredients being the clothes and the cooking being the process of trying on and searching for outfits.

Bad analogy?
It works for me. That's why I remix.


  1. I LOVE this color combo, especially with your red hair. So cool.

  2. yes but frozen entrees are never as good as homemade, and your remixed outfits are more creative than a regular morning outfit, so there's a flaw in the analogy.

  3. i totally agree! i have a full time job and small side business, too - and this has helped shave some time off of my morning! love the green cardigan! great color.

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  5. Thanks Bre... I'll follow up on the award :)