Versatile Blogger Award

I received a “Versatile Blogger Award” thanks to sweetheart Bre at http://27bre.blogspot.com/

Rules of the Award: 
- thank and relink the blogger, who awarded you.
- tell us seven things about yourself. 
- pass on the award to 15, just recently discovered bloggers.
- get in touch with them and let them know, they've been tagged. 

7 things about me:

  1. I design children’s clothes
  2. I decorate cakes as a side business
  3. I’m a little owl obsessed
  4. I can’t live without a lint roller
  5. My mom calls me weird nicknames – Your Mom Calls You What?!?
  6. I watch the Disney channel regularly
  7. I tend to be very cynical and people [jokingly – I hope] call me ‘Debs.’ As in ‘Debbie Downer.’

I am passing this award onto:

[I only picked 10 – I’m a rebel rule breaker]


  1. so nice! thanks krystal! annnd...you seriously design children's clothes?!?! hello. that is awesome. do you have a link to stuff you've designed? because, you know, i have three children. and at least two of them wear clothes. (the 2-year-old is hit-and-miss.) :)

  2. Ha! I love all your secrets. You design children's clothes AND decorate cakes??! Awesome. Those are like dream jobs! :)

    And thanks for the love! You are too sweet.

  3. thanks so much krystal! xo i didn't know you were doing a style blog! i love it! <3 i thought many times of doing one too and this 30 by 30 challenge you keep talking about! it definitely forces one to dress better and rethink their wardrobe! :) *maybe* i will work on my winter remix this weekend and start on monday... we'll see.

  4. Awww... thank you so much, Krystal! That was so sweet of you to include me. I'm the worst chain-breaker of them all, though (uh-oh, another 7 years of bad luck for me -- ha!)