Winter Remix - Day 16

I'm a few days behind... I this outfit wore on Friday when the weather was beautiful in NYC. I was praising the groundhog on his magnificent early-spring-prediction. That was before the snow hit and now I'm back to questioning his authority.

I took the train into CT to meet my mom for a drink [which turned into a 3 hour chat-fest] and while we were at the bar my mom noticed a little old man peering in the front door. We caught the attention of the bartender to ask if the man needed help opening the heavy front door and he dropped what he was doing to run and let him in. Turns out that the little old man didn't have any money and would always visit during our bartender's shift because he would buy him a coffee. We asked if he was hungry and was told that he'd kindly accept a grilled cheese sandwich. It was the least that we could offer...

My mom seems to think my random bar choice was made to serve a higher purpose.

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