Winter Remix - Day 5

I cheated. I didn't wear any of my 30 for 30 remix items this weekend. I barely got dressed. And I don't mean I was naked, I wore lounge clothes most of Saturday to do laundry and Sunday while baking.
Saturday night I went to the movies with my bf but I just wore a grey tee and jeans with Timberland booties to climb over the remaining ice piles left around the city.
Sunday I went to a friend's Super Bowl party, threw on the same jeans from the night before and an ivory sweater roomy enough to hide all the Buffalo-flavored-goodness I was about to pack away.

I think I made up for my non-inspired weekend attire by wearing all the studs I could find in today's outfit! 
Silver, bronze, gold and gunmetal studs on my boots - Silver studs on my shirt - Bronze and black hardware on my blazer.
All I need is to add a studded skirt to my wardrobe!

Mixing my metallics - Stacy & Clinton would be proud.
or not...


  1. I am glad you packed all that in one outfit. It's daring and you pulled it off wonderfully.
    p.s. Love your hair.


  2. i LOVE that skirt! great print :)