Winter Remix - My 30

 4 pairs of pants
Express, Martin & Osa, MNG by Mango, Joe's Jeans
 2 dresses & 2 skirts
Charlotte Russe [x2], H&M, Thrifted
 2 jackets
Wet Seal, Levi's
 6 sweaters
 MNG by Mango, Thrifted, Anthropologie [x2], Forever 21 [x2]
 4 woven shirts
CAbi, MNG by Mango, Anthropologie, Forever 21
 5 knit tops
Express, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Express [x2]
5 pairs of shoes
Daniblack, Chocolat Blu, Old Navy, Payless, Anthropologie

Fall Remix - Final Roundup

Fall Remix - Day 30

Phew! Reached the end of my first challenge successfully [minus a few photos here and there]. I didn't find it too hard but that's probably because I shied away from too much color. The Winter items I picked are much more vibrant so hopefully I can pull it off.

Fall Remix - 29

Got the blues? and maybe a case of the navies?

Fall Remix - Day 28

Sorry for the short posts... just trying to catch up with the Fall Remix pictures so I can post my 30 for 30 Winter Remix items, pick out an outfit for day 1 tomorrow and get to bed!

Fall Remix - Day 27

My rocker look.

Fall Remix - Day 26

This pose is just terrible but other than that I really liked this outfit.

Fall Remix - Day 25

 I feel like an elf in these tights. Plus this is the day my Droid phone got stolen. Double bummer.

Fall Remix - Day 24

Black and brown again. Matching my belt to my shoes... go me. Yay!

Fall Remix - Day 23

Being a rebel... mixing black and brown. It's a do. If you do it right.

Fall Remix - Day 22

Nothing to say here... comfy outfit day.

Fall Remix - Week 3 Review

You don't realize how much 30 pieces of clothing can look like until you have them piled up on your bed and your desk and your chair... and the floor. My room was a disaster! Hopefully it was all worth it because now I have my 30 items for the Winter Remix!

I'll post them tonight!

Fall Remix - Day 21

Challenge Tip: If you get lazy taking your daily outfit photos [like me], try to keep a note about what you wore on those days. I took this outfit snapshot last night. I don't remember how I accessorized it... or if I even accessorized it but here is what I wore on day 21.


Fall Remix - Day 20

After this photo, I got a little lax with the daily photos. I only took 3 more daily outfit snapshots after day 20. I guess I figured I was never going to post these pics anywhere since it was already 20 days into the challenge. Well whatdaya know... here they are... almost 2 months later.

Fall Remix - Day 19

Challenge CON: Sometimes you find out that you don't like a piece of clothing as much as you thought you did. Like this dress from Kmart. The sleeves don't make sense and the shape does nothing nice for my hips. I am so getting rid of this sweater dress. It's just not flattering on me. Any takers??

Fall Remix - Day 18


Yea, I like the holidays...


By the Way

Those boots that I mentioned that started it all... yea, well I found them smack in the middle of this 30 day no shopping challenge.

They were ON SALE.

How ironic is it that I found the boots that led me to the 30 for 30 Remix but I couldn't buy them because they led me to the 30 for 30 Remix. Fate?

Did I mention they were on sale?

I caved. Yup, I admit it. I bought them.

But guess what... I showed them to my mom and she offered to buy them for me as a Christmas gift. Problem solved, I retract that statement about me admitting to breaking the rules.

Here are the beauties that I will surely include in my 30 Winter Remix items.

Fall Remix - Day 17

Challenge Tip: Try not to take your photos in a fluorescent lit setting - like me.

Challenge Perk: If you look good under fluorescent lighting, you'll look good anywhere!

Fall Remix - Day 16

Challenge Perk: Sometimes you find out that you like a piece of clothing more than you thought you did. Like this dress from Express. I considered getting rid of it several times. But I didn't. And I'm glad. I didn't like it because I thought it wouldn't flatter my figure with it's straight shift dress shape - plus I wore it in the spring without tights and it made me feel naked. Turns out all it needed was a skinny belt and some black tights.

Fall Remix - Day 15

Here it is, Day 15... half way mark of the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge.

I've been trying to list out what 30 pieces I want to use for the Winter Challenge and I'm falling short on tops. After looking at other 30 for 30 Remixers, I've come to realize I may need more blouses. Well... maybe blouses are just not "me" and I should stick to what I know best. Take cardigans for instance. I'm more of a cami/cardi girl than a blouse/blazer girl. [And when I say 'cami/cardi' I don't mean twinset.] This most likely stems from my college years where a zip-up hoody was my go-to 'can't live without' item. Cardigans are the adult version of zip-up hoodies, at least in my mind.


Fall Remix - Week 2 Review

Starting to get the hang of this remix thing but still disappointed with my usage of color [of lack thereof].

Fall Remix - Day 14

Two weeks down... almost half way there! It goes by fast and is easier than I thought it would be. To be honest, I'm not sure if I miss most the clothes in my closet and I'm pretty sure I'll think twice about buying new clothes based on how they'll fit into my wardrobe.

Fall Remix - Day 13

Am I out of 'Challenge Tips' already? Maaaaybe...

Fall Remix - Day 12

Challenge Tip: Take your outfit snapshot early in the day... unlike this photo which was taken after midnight [in my parents' basement] and after lounging on the couch watching movies with my bf for a few hours. I'd probably have been more comfy in my pj's but I was too lazy to get up for a photo op.

Fall Remix - Day 11

Challenge Tip: Don't be afraid of color! Looking back, I feel like all my outfits look drab. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make 30 outfits unless I picked all neutral colors. I stuck to brown, black and grey with a pop of navy. ha! Next time around I'll try my best to use more fun colors and prints.

Fall Remix - Day 10

Challenge CON: Packing for a long weekend at my parents' house was a nightmare. I usually just bring a few items home to lounge around in - but during the 30 for 30 challenge I had to pack too much stuff. Good thing I had my handy dandy notebook [ode to Blue's Clues] with all my outfit sketches laid out because it helped me pick out the most convenient outfits that reused the same items so I could get the most bang for my buck.

Fall Remix - Day 9

I walk by Express everyday on my way to and from work... in case you were wondering why half my wardrobe seems to be from one store.


30 for 30 Winter Edition

Yayay! The 30 for 30 Remix is starting February 1st... I need to start planning my 30 items!!

Don't forget to sign up with Kendi here before January 28th!

Fall Remix - Day 8

Challenge Tip: Keep your daily tasks in mind. Think of what is appropriate for your workplace and plan for after hour activities [helloooo happy hour or in this case - Radio City Music Hall].

Challenge Perk: If you normally wear jeans & tees to work, people may think you're dressing up for interviews - therefore making them nervous and hopefully resulting in a raise. [umm... I'm still waiting for mine]

Fall Remix - Week 1 Review

Just a quick review of my first week of remixes... so far, no repeated items.

Fall Remix - Day 7

Challenge Tip: Pick enough items that are adequate for the season. I definitely needed sleeves this day!

Challenge Perk: Layering the right items always makes you feel more stylish.

Fall Remix - Day 6

Challenge Tip: Save comfy outfits for the weekend. I found myself wearing skirts and dresses all week just so I could save my jeans for the weekend.

Challenge Perk: Actually getting out of bed and getting dressed on a Saturday. YAY for being productive! [or at least looking like it]

Fall Remix - Day 5

Challenge Tip: Everyone who has style blogs seems to have a talented photographer boyfriend or fiance or husband... if you don't [or have a boyfriend who takes awful candid photos of you when you're not ready, like mine] invest in a tripod or have a trusty friend/co-worker/roommate at the ready. [thanks Carolyn]

Challenge Perk: Having snapshots taken of yourself everyday really make you want to put in the extra effort.


Fall Remix - Day 4

Challenge Tip: I designated a spot in my room to keep my 30 items for easy access. Plus- an apple a day helps you fit into your clothes... 

Challenge Perk: Less laundry for a month. [I admit I don't wash jeans and skirts every time I wear them]

Fall Remix - Day 3

Challenge Tip: Remembering to accessorize before leaving for work was super hard. I had to lay out earrings and necklaces with my clothes before going to bed.

Challenge Perk: Who needs accessories when you've got cupcakes?!

Fall Remix - Day 2

Challenge Tip: Belts seem to look good over everything... really. Try it.

Challenge Perk: I have lots of unused belts waiting for an opportunity like this. [Although I'm sure I only used the same 4 belts over and over] 

Fall Remix - Day 1

Challenge Tip: I made thumbnails of all the outfits I thought I could remix together by sketching an outfit-challenge-game-plan in a little notebook before I finalized my 30 pieces.

Challenge Perk: Knowing what to wear cuts down on my dressing time in the morning.

[photo by my lovely co-worker Carolyn]

Fall Remix - my 30 pieces

5 tops
3 camis
2 cardis
2 sweaters
4 dresses
2 vests
2 skirts
5 pants
5 shoes

that equals 30, right?

In hindsight since this challenge has long been over, I would have not counted the 3 camisoles and picked more blouses. I also would not have chosen the 2 vests, cardigans would have been more useful. While I'm at it, I could have swapped a pair of jeans for another top or sweater. I'll keep this in mind for the Winter Remix.


Sooo... It all began when I was looking for a pair of boots online that I found in an Anthropologie catalog. I couldn't find them online but the search landed me at a blog called Kendi Everyday where something called a 30 for 30 Remix was happening. Kendi's spot on style and wit quickly sucked me in.

Essentially the 30 for 30 remix is about learning to work with what you have in your closet and come up with creative outfits for 30 days with only 30 pieces. Oh... and you can't shop for those 30 days! [Read the rest of the rules and philosophy here.]

I started late but decided I was going to do it anyway to challenge myself.

I never had a place to post the photos... until now.
Welcome to Triple Gemini Style blog.