Winter Remix - Day 26

I managed to get coffee and chocolate on my skirt today... I have such healthy eating habits!

I was going to wear this to an Academy Award viewing party last night but a terrible sinus headache kept me bedridden. Of course I blame the headache on my nasal congestion... but maybe it had something to do with the amount of BBQ I wolfed down earlier in the day??

I sat at home with my cold and sinus cocktail - One part Claritin-D, a few sprays of Afrin with an ibuprofen chaser... really did the trick! **surely NOT doctor approved**

Winter Remix - Day 25

I feel very Americana in this outfit. What better to wear to eat BBQ?

I met up with a few friends for lunch to experience my first ever Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. It was a hike all the way uptown to get there and by the time we waited for a table lunch turned into 'linner.' But boy! this "honky tonk rib joint" did not disappoint! We were so full off our spicy creole deviled egg and fried green tomato appetizers that by the time our dinner plates arrived we were already taking deep breaths.

I ordered a 1/4 racks of ribs which was about 7 ribs accompanied by cornbread and my choice of two side dishes (mac n'cheese & wedge salad - I'm obsessed). Sad to say, the ribs were just okay. I'm spoiled when it comes to ribs because the Rib House in East Haven, CT has the best ribs I've ever tasted in my life [I grew up just around the corner from there]. The mac n' cheese was certainly full of cheesy deliciousness and the atmosphere was really special. Plus the prices were fantastic! I'm looking forward to another Dino BBQ trip when the weather warms up.

Winter Remix - Day 24

I found love this Saturday... well... rediscovered love... for my Nintendo Wii.
After [un]willing myself out of bed [late] Saturday afternoon I had to find the motivation to wear my planned 30 for 30 outfit. That motivation came in the form of knowing I'd be one outfit closer to finishing the challenge and be able to wear any old thing on a Saturday afternoon.
Anyway, I went to Target with the bf to go jean shopping. For him. Don't worry, I didn't forget about the 30 day shopping ban! Although I did try to get him to buy me a dress - attempt denied. While checking out at Target, we heard Outback Steakhouse calling our name. No, really... they were calling our name, we put in a reservation before we went shopping. 
The bf never willingly eats anything green but for some reason he ordered the wedge salad. Um... delicious. I think I am going to recreate that salad to eat for lunch everyday this week. I hate dealing with lettuce so I think wedge salads were invented just for people like me. Chop off one big chunk and you're done!
After dinner we stopped to play in Best Buy where I came across the Wii game Just Dance 2. I hadn't used the Wii for anything other than Netflix in over a year [mostly watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Wizards of Waverly Place episodes] so I decided to let it back into my life. Two hours and one change of clothes later I realized why I had to have a Wii in the first place. It's been a while since I've laughed that hard... picture me and the bf doing a dance duet to Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte (aka Shake Shake Shake Senora from Beetlejuice). Enough said.


Winter Remix - Day 23


Random topics of the day:
-People have started calling this my "cupcake wrapper" skirt. Which is fitting since I sometimes design cupcakes.
-I think my new goal should be to wear one owl item everyday. I certainly have enough owl jewelry... necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches...
-It would have been nice [or disastrous] to have a digital camera in college.
-Everyone in my company should wear tutus to work on Fridays.
-I have no idea where this belt came from. It's a mystery.

It's hard for me to come up with blog posts... I think of thousands of crazy things all day long but for some reason when I stare at the blinking cursor on my blogger post I can't seem to think of anything to say. I need to practice jotting down some of my random thoughts/interactions during the day and see if that becomes useful.


Winter Remix - Day 22

The kitchen in my office is being 'renovated' so [my photographer and] I went on the search for some coffee... or tea... or maybe beg for some spare change.
I had a rough day at work today- full of wasting an entire day working on something that someone forgot to tell me they didn't need anymore. Well it's a good thing our annual performance reviews were also due today. Let's just say that this little website turned out to be pretty helpful. At least I really liked my outfit.

Winter Remix - Week 3 Review

Looks like I need to retire the left hand on hip pose.


Winter Remix - Day 21

I feel absolutely miserable today. I shouldn't have left the house without socks on this morning. You know how moms always warn that you'll get sick if you don't wear a hat outside in the cold... isn't it the same thing with socks and bare ankles in the winter time? Well... whatever, my ankles were frozen this morning so I bought these fabulous trouser socks at Duane Reade while picking up some nasal decongestant.

Winter Remix - Day 20

I'm still catching up... I wore this outfit yesterday.

Last night on my way home from work I emerged from the subway tunnel to a sweet surprise... there was still sunlight in the sky. Just a little bit. Just enough to lift my mood and start me off on a productive evening. I went home and did 3 loads of laundry, made pumpkin bread [from a quick boxed mix], made breakfast for dinner and changed my sheets. Using all that energy killed me though, I feel more sick today than I did yesterday. Oh well... back to resting up.
See... being productive is no good for your health!! 


Winter Remix - Day 19

Back at work Monday blues...
BTW - Last week I complained about people's strange clothing choices at my gym. Well... I went to the gym Thursday night and hit the locker room only to find out that I forgot to bring a work-out top! I was wearing a nude colored lace-trim cami under my shirt so I just decided to wear that instead of skipping my work-out altogether. Once I got to the cardio floor I started receiving some weird looks... turns out from afar I looked like I wasn't wearing a top at all!

Oh goodness... this is why I should not judge. You never know what happened to someone during the day that influenced their questionable exercise attire.

But hey you... yea, you - the one in the tie-dye fringe cut-off shorts... I'm still judging you.

Winter Remix - Day 18

By Sunday my cold totally settled in. I showered but stayed in my PJs all day until it was time to head back to New York.

My bf bought me this cute interchangeable bird locket from Raceytay's etsy shop [with my suggestion] for Valentine's Day. We have this stupid little thing where I call a "cardinal" a "redbird" and he freaks out saying "it's not a Redbird, it's a Cardinal." Then I follow by saying "it's a bird that is red, therefore it's a redbird!" Then we'll just repeatedly argue "cardinal," "redbird," cardinal," "redbird" until I get the last word... which usually consists of me yelling "redbird," giving him a quick kiss and running away before I can hear him say "cardinal" one last time.

Winter Remix - Day 17

I woke up Saturday feeling sick [red nose in effect]. I'm glad I had this outfit picked out or I probably wouldn't have gotten dressed.

I braved through the day by having lunch with family, shopping at Home Goods with my mom, then watching I am Number Four in IMAX and dinner at Chili's with the bf. By the end of the night I was feeling really crappy so I cuddled up on the couch in my sweats to watch "Sniper: Inside the Crosshairs" on the History Channel. 

Winter Remix - Day 16

I'm a few days behind... I this outfit wore on Friday when the weather was beautiful in NYC. I was praising the groundhog on his magnificent early-spring-prediction. That was before the snow hit and now I'm back to questioning his authority.

I took the train into CT to meet my mom for a drink [which turned into a 3 hour chat-fest] and while we were at the bar my mom noticed a little old man peering in the front door. We caught the attention of the bartender to ask if the man needed help opening the heavy front door and he dropped what he was doing to run and let him in. Turns out that the little old man didn't have any money and would always visit during our bartender's shift because he would buy him a coffee. We asked if he was hungry and was told that he'd kindly accept a grilled cheese sandwich. It was the least that we could offer...

My mom seems to think my random bar choice was made to serve a higher purpose.


Winter Remix - Day 15

Well, I'm half way there - 15 more days to go. I'm kind of tired of my 30 items already... but I'm sure I'd be more tired if I had to pick out new outfits everyday.

On the up side... each day this week the weather has been increasing by 10 degree increments. Tomorrow is going to be 65 degrees! Mr. Punxsutawney Phil was on the money! After a grueling winter is it possible that spring is around the corner? I don't even want to look at the extended forecast and be disappointed.

Winter Remix - Week 2 Review

2 weeks down... I'm surprised I don't feel like I'm wearing the same things over and over again. I do feel like all of my most obvious outfits have been exhausted though.

Winter Remix - Day 14

I'm glad I made a cheat-sheet outfit guide at the beginning of this 30 for 30 challenge. I started the day by putting my fox dress on first and my sweater on over it but something didn't feel right... I looked at my notebook sketch and there was a convenient little side note telling me to try the sweater under the dress. The sweater is hard to get over my head all my hair so I did a little switch where I slid my arms out of the sweater and dress, shimmied the dress down to my waist, pulled the sweater down and slid the dress back over it. Whew!
It's not normally how I'd wear a sweater and a dress but I guess that's the purpose of remixing.


Winter Remix - Day 13

Do the masses determine normalcy?
I consider myself a [fairly] normal gym-goer but recent trips to the gym are making me question my sanity.
In the locker room I put on training pants, a workout top, supportive undergarments, and cross trainers before hitting the cardio floor... others wear boxer briefs, swim trunks, metallic hi-tops, fringed shorts, big hoop earrings and/or sheer leggings.
I must be the strange one, right?

I'm not saying you have to look your best while sweating it out on the elliptical but I would think one's gym attire should be functional... and appropriate.


Winter Remix - Day 12

That 70s Couch

Today is St. Valentine's Day. I woke up and had an unusual urge to look out the window. The clouds were pink. Cotton candy pink. Happy Valentine's Day to me!
[and you too]
These 70s inspired couches appeared in my office building today. We were wearing the same color and fabrication. Someone got the memo about me wearing mustard [more like spicy brown mustard] and corduroy today. Besties?

Winter Remix - Day 11

Sunday bum-day activities:
Wake up
Watch 27 dresses on FX
...then Only in Vegas
...and then Step Brothers
Get out of bed
Shower and dress
Take my own outfit pics with self timer
Bake Spumoni cupcakes
Take nap
Eat homemade fondue with the roomie
Make cupcake decorations and icing
Watch Grammy's with bf
Eat 2 foot long Pizza Hut pizza