Winter Remix - Day 4

I hate ironing. I don't even own an ironing board. The last time I ironed I used my coffee table and ended ruining the wood varnish. That was a year and a half ago.
Technically I don't even own an iron so I bought a steamer thinking it'd be so easy to steam everything before I wear it.
Problem is... I hate setting it up, filling it with water and waiting for it to heat up. [Wait... don't you have to do the same thing with irons too? Oh well...] Even though it's not a complicated process, my mind makes it so. I guess the fact that [1.] I have to dig it out of its box in the closet doesn't help... or [2.] my 30 remix items are hanging on the back of my bedroom door which happens to be my ideal steaming location... or [3.] I have to drain all the water after each use.
Once, I accidentally left the steamer-head-thingy facing my door while it was warming up which managed to peel off the paint. Good job me!
Okay... Okay... I wrote all that just to tell you that I steamed my pants today. You should be proud honored.

Side note: My friend told me I better donate these pants because they make my legs look weird. She's a good friend. She also asked me to return the favor someday if I ever dislike something she's wearing. But now what do I do? This is only the first time I've worn them in my remix!

Another side side note: Today is  National Wear Red Day for Heart Disease Awareness. I found out too late but was able to throw on some red jewelry and added the leopard scarf to do my part.

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