Winter Remix - Day 30

This is me 'exiting' the Winter 30 for 30 Challenge! This final outfit was the only one I didn't plan. I kind of woke up and decided to try and throw on as many items as possible. I think it worked... but thank goodness the challenge is OVER! I am done done done. Whew!

Overall I am really happy with the results of this season's remix. I incorporated a lot more color than during the fall challenge that's for sure. I don't know what the future holds for triple gemini style blog but I'm sure I'll be game for the spring version of this style challenge.

I've been neglecting my baking blog www.sugarbutterbaby.com for the past couple of months so I'll be taking a break from here to catch up on those posts of sweet treats. Check it out!


Winter Remix - Day 29

Steve Urkel-ness

After my doctor's appointment last night, it seems like I was on the right track with my Sunday night cold and sinus cocktail. He ended up prescribing me three medications on top of a prescription nasal spray I already have to treat my sinusitis - which always sounds like a made-up disease name to me.

After my umpteenth trip to Duane Reade since I've started feeling sick, I picked up my new prescriptions and realized that I've spent about $100 on this cold. Makes me wonder... you’d have to be making as much as Charlie Sheen to support a drug habit… as it is, I’m having a hard time affording my head cold.
But then again, would he have had that drug problem without all that money?

I was told that the rest of my blog posts should be Charlie Sheen quotes, so here's the suggested quote of the day:
"It's perfect. It's awesome. Every day is just filled with just wins. All we do is put wins in the record books. We win so radically in our underwear before our first cup of coffee, it's scary."
I woke up late this morning so I can hardly put a win in the record book but at least I feel half human again.


Winter Remix - Day 28

I don't remember where this necklace is from but it's pretty cool
Last night I attended a DivaStrip dance class to learn a sassy Britney Spears routine to "I'm a Slave 4 U." It was really intense, my lower back hurts from all the body rolls and booty pops. Our male instructor was more 'diva' than the 30 girls in the class!

Like a moron, I decided it would be best to stand in the front of class... bad idea. The "head-diva" was directly off to my right and I had to keep contorting my body to see what he was doing. I looked like the little girl at the dance recital that's looking at what the girl next to her is doing instead of looking at the audience.

We got through half the song, using neckties as props, in a whirlwind hour long class. I'm glad we have 3 more hours to perfect it because I'm pretty much [definitely] lost. I got home and tried practicing it in the mirror and I was a mess, I could remember bits and pieces but not in the right order and there's a lot of gaps in my movements where I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. Ugh, I thought dancing was supposed to be fun but every time he asked whether to go over the moves again or to move on to the next part the girl next to me kept screaming to learn more.

I left class feeling a bit stressed, a bit defeated and definitely having more respect for Brit.
Tonight I have an appointment with the doctor to finally [hopefully] get this persistent stuffy nose in order.


Winter Remix - Day 27

You know how people who work in offices are said to catch up on gossip around the water cooler? Well, at my office we gossip about the water cooler.

Is there any water in the cooler today?
Is the water cooler plugged in?
Does the water from the cooler taste like dirt?

Our office kitchen was 'remodeled' and the new cabinet design left no where for the water cooler to be plugged in. Everyone has been buzzing about the status of the cooler since last week. We've had to go to another floor to fill up our bottles or out in the hall to use the vending machine. Today, I am happy to report that the water cooler has been successfully plugged in and is fully functioning! Rejoice!

Let's hydrate!

[don't mind the creepy children's heads in the photos, it's just my job- no wonder I have nightmares]


Winter Remix - Day 26

I managed to get coffee and chocolate on my skirt today... I have such healthy eating habits!

I was going to wear this to an Academy Award viewing party last night but a terrible sinus headache kept me bedridden. Of course I blame the headache on my nasal congestion... but maybe it had something to do with the amount of BBQ I wolfed down earlier in the day??

I sat at home with my cold and sinus cocktail - One part Claritin-D, a few sprays of Afrin with an ibuprofen chaser... really did the trick! **surely NOT doctor approved**

Winter Remix - Day 25

I feel very Americana in this outfit. What better to wear to eat BBQ?

I met up with a few friends for lunch to experience my first ever Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. It was a hike all the way uptown to get there and by the time we waited for a table lunch turned into 'linner.' But boy! this "honky tonk rib joint" did not disappoint! We were so full off our spicy creole deviled egg and fried green tomato appetizers that by the time our dinner plates arrived we were already taking deep breaths.

I ordered a 1/4 racks of ribs which was about 7 ribs accompanied by cornbread and my choice of two side dishes (mac n'cheese & wedge salad - I'm obsessed). Sad to say, the ribs were just okay. I'm spoiled when it comes to ribs because the Rib House in East Haven, CT has the best ribs I've ever tasted in my life [I grew up just around the corner from there]. The mac n' cheese was certainly full of cheesy deliciousness and the atmosphere was really special. Plus the prices were fantastic! I'm looking forward to another Dino BBQ trip when the weather warms up.

Winter Remix - Day 24

I found love this Saturday... well... rediscovered love... for my Nintendo Wii.
After [un]willing myself out of bed [late] Saturday afternoon I had to find the motivation to wear my planned 30 for 30 outfit. That motivation came in the form of knowing I'd be one outfit closer to finishing the challenge and be able to wear any old thing on a Saturday afternoon.
Anyway, I went to Target with the bf to go jean shopping. For him. Don't worry, I didn't forget about the 30 day shopping ban! Although I did try to get him to buy me a dress - attempt denied. While checking out at Target, we heard Outback Steakhouse calling our name. No, really... they were calling our name, we put in a reservation before we went shopping. 
The bf never willingly eats anything green but for some reason he ordered the wedge salad. Um... delicious. I think I am going to recreate that salad to eat for lunch everyday this week. I hate dealing with lettuce so I think wedge salads were invented just for people like me. Chop off one big chunk and you're done!
After dinner we stopped to play in Best Buy where I came across the Wii game Just Dance 2. I hadn't used the Wii for anything other than Netflix in over a year [mostly watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Wizards of Waverly Place episodes] so I decided to let it back into my life. Two hours and one change of clothes later I realized why I had to have a Wii in the first place. It's been a while since I've laughed that hard... picture me and the bf doing a dance duet to Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte (aka Shake Shake Shake Senora from Beetlejuice). Enough said.


Winter Remix - Day 23


Random topics of the day:
-People have started calling this my "cupcake wrapper" skirt. Which is fitting since I sometimes design cupcakes.
-I think my new goal should be to wear one owl item everyday. I certainly have enough owl jewelry... necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches...
-It would have been nice [or disastrous] to have a digital camera in college.
-Everyone in my company should wear tutus to work on Fridays.
-I have no idea where this belt came from. It's a mystery.

It's hard for me to come up with blog posts... I think of thousands of crazy things all day long but for some reason when I stare at the blinking cursor on my blogger post I can't seem to think of anything to say. I need to practice jotting down some of my random thoughts/interactions during the day and see if that becomes useful.


Winter Remix - Day 22

The kitchen in my office is being 'renovated' so [my photographer and] I went on the search for some coffee... or tea... or maybe beg for some spare change.
I had a rough day at work today- full of wasting an entire day working on something that someone forgot to tell me they didn't need anymore. Well it's a good thing our annual performance reviews were also due today. Let's just say that this little website turned out to be pretty helpful. At least I really liked my outfit.

Winter Remix - Week 3 Review

Looks like I need to retire the left hand on hip pose.