Winter Remix - Day 28

I don't remember where this necklace is from but it's pretty cool
Last night I attended a DivaStrip dance class to learn a sassy Britney Spears routine to "I'm a Slave 4 U." It was really intense, my lower back hurts from all the body rolls and booty pops. Our male instructor was more 'diva' than the 30 girls in the class!

Like a moron, I decided it would be best to stand in the front of class... bad idea. The "head-diva" was directly off to my right and I had to keep contorting my body to see what he was doing. I looked like the little girl at the dance recital that's looking at what the girl next to her is doing instead of looking at the audience.

We got through half the song, using neckties as props, in a whirlwind hour long class. I'm glad we have 3 more hours to perfect it because I'm pretty much [definitely] lost. I got home and tried practicing it in the mirror and I was a mess, I could remember bits and pieces but not in the right order and there's a lot of gaps in my movements where I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. Ugh, I thought dancing was supposed to be fun but every time he asked whether to go over the moves again or to move on to the next part the girl next to me kept screaming to learn more.

I left class feeling a bit stressed, a bit defeated and definitely having more respect for Brit.
Tonight I have an appointment with the doctor to finally [hopefully] get this persistent stuffy nose in order.

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  1. Love that cardigan. Do people ever say you look like Molly Ringwald?