Winter Remix - Day 27

You know how people who work in offices are said to catch up on gossip around the water cooler? Well, at my office we gossip about the water cooler.

Is there any water in the cooler today?
Is the water cooler plugged in?
Does the water from the cooler taste like dirt?

Our office kitchen was 'remodeled' and the new cabinet design left no where for the water cooler to be plugged in. Everyone has been buzzing about the status of the cooler since last week. We've had to go to another floor to fill up our bottles or out in the hall to use the vending machine. Today, I am happy to report that the water cooler has been successfully plugged in and is fully functioning! Rejoice!

Let's hydrate!

[don't mind the creepy children's heads in the photos, it's just my job- no wonder I have nightmares]

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  1. haha you crack me up. and i love this outfit. :)