Winter Remix - My 30

 4 pairs of pants
Express, Martin & Osa, MNG by Mango, Joe's Jeans
 2 dresses & 2 skirts
Charlotte Russe [x2], H&M, Thrifted
 2 jackets
Wet Seal, Levi's
 6 sweaters
 MNG by Mango, Thrifted, Anthropologie [x2], Forever 21 [x2]
 4 woven shirts
CAbi, MNG by Mango, Anthropologie, Forever 21
 5 knit tops
Express, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Express [x2]
5 pairs of shoes
Daniblack, Chocolat Blu, Old Navy, Payless, Anthropologie


  1. I love how bold you are with your shoe collection!

  2. thanks!
    it'll probably be difficult since I live in the northeast and we've been getting buried with snow every few days!
    snow boots to work... cute shoes in the office! lol